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Department members

Department Secretary Ms. Guo ext. 71501

Mailbox: polankuo@mx.nthu.edu.tw


Responsible position:

1. General management department office business. (Reposting of official documents, announcements, and signing electronic official document.)

2. Department budget manager. Writing-off teaching assistant working hours, service and learning working hours in the department, and pre-scheduled department courses for the new semester.

3. Prepare the agenda and records of departmental affairs meeting, teaching evaluation meeting and department course conference and temporary meetings.

4. Enrollment trial work such as individual application for bachelor's class and individual recruitment for excellent sports performance, as well as enrollment work for master's and master's in-service special classes, and enrollment of overseas Chinese and overseas students. (Introduction, homework schedule, survey of teachers participating in trial work, data review, group interviews, notice of admissions meeting, registration of scores to admissions group).

5. New appointment, reappointment, teaching evaluation and promotion assignments of full-time teachers.

6. The number of hours and assignments for full-time teachers; assignments for part-time teachers.

7. Full-time faculty leave research, inquiries and maintenance of tutor student information, and academic exchange visits.

8. Responsible for the department's funding verification and equipment procurement cases.

9. The selection and handover of department heads and the renewal of department administrative assistants.

10. Student public holidays and training of the National Training Center.

11. Other temporary assignments.




Hire an administrator Miss Ding ext. 71502

Mailbox: liwenting@mx.nthu.edu.tw


Responsible business:

1. Department webpage updates and department teacher information changes

2. The department's full-time and part-time teacher address book production.

3. Department's technical department site planning table.

4. Application for lease of the venue activities of the department.

5. Registration for loan of equipment used in the course.

6. Deliver official documents.

7. Temporary assignments.




Unit mailbox: dpe@my.nthu.edu.tw