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The Department of Sports Science, formerly known as the Department of Physical Education, was established in 1999. At the beginning of its establishment, its role was to cultivate elementary school sports teachers as its main purpose. Afterwards, in response to the diversification of teacher training and industry changes, it adjusted competitive curriculum features, such as Sports health management, leisure management, sports administration management and sports academic research talent training. In 2016, the school merged with Tsinghua University in order to meet the school's development goals and make good use of the advantages of the merger. Therefore, it adjusted its development direction and applied to be renamed "Department of Sports Science", the English name is "Department of Kinesiology".

In addition to the original faculty, the department has also recruited relevant teachers from both inside and outside the school, including mechanical, physics, materials, science and technology management, and the sports room of Tsinghua University in order to strengthen the sports science teachers, so that students can learn across fields and achieve sports science research. Target of top sports talents. At present, there are educational systems such as university department, master's class, and master's in-service special.



This department is the only school with a sports science department among the top universities in Taiwan. Located in Taiwan, it has an indicator and a leading role in sports development and will attract top students in sports-related research at home and abroad. The development characteristics refer to the development direction of the school and the plan of the International Relations Institute, which is divided into three parts:

1. Sports Science: With the goal of cultivating sports science talents, in addition to the first specialty course of the Sports Science Department, students are encouraged to take the courses of the college as the second specialty and enter the third and fourth year of the college. The laboratory produces sports science topics to solve the problems encountered in the current sports scene.

2. Sports competition: To train top technical students to become future sports coaches. The courses are based on expertise training, basic knowledge of sports science, coaching, and so on. In addition to continuing to improve their sports technical performance, they are also preparing their ability for being a sports coach after retirement.

3. Teacher Cultivation: In order to train future teachers in the field of health and physical education in primary and secondary schools, in addition to the courses of our department, they also take pre-service courses for teachers to become an excellent primary and secondary school in the field of health and physical education.


Future Development

The development of our department refers to the Department of Sports Sciences or the Department of Kinesiology in the top 50 sports science schools in the world. Full-time teachers and co-employed teachers have jointly constructed courses that conform to the world's academic trends. We encourage students to choose the first specialty of the department and second specialty courses in cross-faculty, which including sports human factors engineering, sports biomedical science, sports materials science, sports nutrition, sports and cognitive psychology, sports information technology, sports management science and sports economics related fields. In addition to scientific research on human sports, human aging, sports performance and health promotion, it also assists the industry in researching and developing sports-related products, assistive devices and training equipment. Leading the development of sports-related industries in Taiwan.