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Freshman Admission Q & A

1. What is the enrollment group for the Department of Sports Science?

The name of this department has been changed to "Department of Sports Science". The main change is that it is divided into "Sports Athletic Group (separate admission)" and "Sports Science Group (without technical subjects)" for admission. The department also provides complete "Elementary Education and Intermediate Education course" (a complete education course is rare in the country!) which is available for the above two groups of students.


2. Is there professional practice time for the sports athletic group? And what about the future graduation approach?

In addition to hiring professional coaches for assistance, this department provides 36 athletic credits. Please refer to the "Sports Athletics Group Credit Structure" so that students in the athletics group can have enough energy to practice and fulfill their dreams. At the same time, the department hopes to cultivate "smart athletes" Therefore, students in the athletics group can also flexibly take courses in other departments, including courses from other departments in Tsinghua, and complete 8 credits of "Sports Topics" with students in the "Sports Science Group" to develop their second specialty. This department also has a "flexible elective", so that elite athletes can choose flexibly through application review. Please refer to the "flexible elective" method. In addition to a full-time coach, the graduation approach is encouraged to continue to study in graduate institute or to cooperate with students in the "sports science group" to start a sports science career or to get an elementary education or intermediate education courses to be a physical education teacher.


3. What is the concept of sports science group? How is the course? what do you need? How to learn? How is the graduation approach?

Sports technology and the sports industry have exceeded the semiconductor production value in the world. This department recruits students from the "Sports Science Group", which is a bit like the concept of "Tsinghua Interdisciplinary Program." It hopes to cultivate professionals in sports technology and sports industry. The department has recruited top teachers in various fields, please refer to the joint recruitment list (approved by the professors and passed the departmental meeting), Tsinghua University has established a school-level "Sports Technology Center" with teachers including Tsinghua University's Electronic and Information Engineering, college of Engineering, college of Education, college of Art. It is composed of professors from top laboratories, helping the Department of Physical Education train professionals. The department opens and encourages students in the "Sports Science Group" to take elective courses such as the college of Education, the college of Art, the college of Electronic and Information Engineering, Science and Engineering, Biology, Science Management, or the college of Humanities and Social Sciences. Up to 66 credits can be taken. Please refer to "Sports Science Group Credit Framework". In the senior year, it is necessary to combine "sports" and "science" to complete the 8 credits of "sports topics" to show specific exercise science practices. In addition to enrolling in sports-related graduate institute, you can also consider taking courses in other colleges in the department. You can also consider studying in the college-related graduate institute in the main campus (electronic and information engineering, science and engineering, biology, science management or human society), or directly use the "Sports Science "professionals start their own businesses or take elementary education or intermediate education courses and serve as physical education teachers.


4. Does the "Sports Science Group" students need to participate in school team practice after enrollment?

"Sports Science Group" students do not need to participate in school team practice. Of course, if you are interested in developing sports skills, you are welcome to join the school team to practice. Students in the "Sports Athletic Group" who are enrolled separately with excellent athletic performance must participate in three-year school team practice (36 compulsory athletic credits) to continue the development of sports technology and they are encouraged to participate in international sports games.


5. What is the goal of training students in the department?

The "Sports Science Group" aims to cultivate sports science talents, encourages students to take courses across different colleges and enter the laboratories of co-employed professors from other colleges and departments. They can conduct special research in the upper grades to do innovative research and development which is related to sports science. The "Sports Athletics Group" aims to train top athletes. It has designed a three-year specialty training course to allow students to participate in school team practice with peace of mind. In addition, the "Sports Athletics Group" students are also encouraged to take courses across different colleges to develop their academic expertise.


6. What is the plan for international academic exchanges?

The school cooperates and exchanges with first-class universities abroad, and all students are encouraged to apply. There are one student in the department went to China for exchanges, and one teacher went to the Czech Republic for research this year. In addition, the department also specially appointed Professor Robert Schinke, who is the chairman of the World Sports Psychology Association (Canada). Professor Chou Li-Shan (U.S) who is the chair professor of Yin Shu tien lecture and he is specially invited by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In athletics, the famous American professional baseball pitcher Wei-Yin Chen is specially appointed as the Honorary Chair Professor. At the same time, many famous university professors from China visit the department every year.